Mobile workforces’ geographical optimization

Optimizing transportation is the major trend to improve mobile workforces’ activity.

Balanced and realistic redistricting, efficient routes, optimized allocation of resources to agencies or warehouses…
The effectiveness of field resources is dependent on accurate & precise geographic optimization.
The geographical optimization solutions can improve the efficiency of your organization.
They provide productivity gains and significant cost savings.


The geoptimisation is the combined use of geographic information and optimization algorithms to improve the performance of organizations and businesses. Geoptimisation solutions can create optimized routes taking into account the geographical and operational constraints.


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Built in the heart of information systems and processes, our solutions improve optimization activities before, during and after travel, whatever the activity.

Strategical organization

Geocoding & Redistricting

Optimizing the allocation of mobile workforces

Planning & Operation

Route scheduling, Road datasheets & Reporting

Optimizing the planning and routes for transportation and logistics


Who we are

GEOCONCEPT helps people solve their geographic problems.

We provide outstanding cartographic and optimization solutions in areas as diverse as field operation scheduling, geomarketing, and emergency interventions. Building on 22 years of experience, GEOCONCEPT has brought GIS to the realm of day-to-day business applications. With 10,000 clients in more than 30 countries, GEOCONCEPT is today a world leader in cartographic display and optimization.

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