TourSolver for MapInfo©

The drivers routing software that helps you optimize your vehicle route planning :
optimize your routes and reduce your costs !

Immediate and significant savings

TourSolver cuts vehicle costs by 15% on average, & increas es productivity.

You reduce travel distances and fuel expenses, and limit your transports' impact on the environment.

You can adapt your fleet size to match your actual requirements.

Increased Productivity

TourSolver makes you increase your productivity,
by optimizing the plannings of your mobile teams.

Schedule quickly with a few clicks.

Increase delivery volume without additional costs.

Optimize mobile team schedules.

TourSolver for MapInfo©

Schedule and optimize your routes in four steps

Who we are

GEOCONCEPT helps people solve their geographic problems.

We provide outstanding cartographic and optimization solutions in areas as diverse as field operation scheduling, geomarketing, and emergency interventions. Building on 22 years of experience, GEOCONCEPT has brought GIS to the realm of day-to-day business applications. With 10,000 clients in more than 30 countries, GEOCONCEPT is today a world leader in cartographic display and optimization.

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